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Personalized Clipboards

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Makes a Great Coaches Gift!


Organize your team like never before with a custom made clipboard. 
Use Wipe-erase pens on these clipboards and you can use as a Dry
erase board allowing you to diagram plays for an indispensable yet inexpensive coaching aid.
Available in 9" x 12 with a flat or regular clip, or our new
5" x 7" aluminum mini clipboard


2 sided, with flat clip, 9"x12.5"


clipboardU1014.jpg (31269 bytes)  U1014
2 sided,
 with Standard clip, 9"x12.5"



clipboardsU6036.jpg (40618 bytes)
 Mini Clip Board,
1 Sided, Alum. Gloss,
5" x 7" x .045"