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Coasters & Holders
Protect furniture and complement home or office decor with our imprintable coasters.

Coasters are a cost effective way to get your message seen. Good advertising product. A keepsake gift idea.

Item Description Price

1009coaster115 U10091.jpg (39916 bytes)

Coaster-hardboard, set of 4

Beverage coasters offer a unique way to display business logos, favorite 
photos or artwork.
4" square

$ 15.95

5703coasterU5703.jpg (30622 bytes)

Coaster-FRP, set of 4 

Protect furniture and complement home decor with our line of imprintable coasters. 3/32" thick FRP
 with glossy finish.

3.625" round

$ 15.95

coasterholderU5676.jpg (12378 bytes)

Coaster Holder 
Slotted Natural Wood 

This lovely coaster holder is 
just the right size for our 
#5677,#1009, #5703
 coasters 2.5"x3"

$ 4.95
 holder only

coasterU5677.jpg (59592 bytes)
Coaster-hardboard w/ cork bottom. set of 4

3.75" square

$ 15.95

 5677 & 5701 set
coasterholderU5701.jpg (32586 bytes)
Set of 4 Coasters & Holder- 
#5677 hardboard w/ cork bottom, and  Slotted mahogany wood Coaster Holder #5701

$ 18.95 set

coasterpuzzle.jpg (25907 bytes)

Coaster Puzzle,
 7.625" X 7.625" X.125". Great for  images of vacations, sports teams, pets, and weddings. Four (4) piece puzzle- separate pieces and use them as coasters. Hardboard, Cork Backed

4 coasters 
per puzzle


coasterbaseU5674.jpg (38130 bytes)
Natural Wood Coaster 
with FRP insert. 3.625" 

3.625" round


coasterbaseU5685.jpg (30101 bytes)

Mahogany Wood Coaster 
with FRP insert

3.625" round


coastersWP280CH.jpg (40637 bytes)WP280CH

Set of 4 Coasters and Wood Coaster Holder
 4.25"  Cherry wood holder

Coasters, set of 4,  
4"x 4" x 1/8"Thick Hardboard. 

Beverage Coasters offer a unique way to display business logos, favorite 
photos or artwork.