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Personalized Holiday Ornaments are the perfect gift! 

You can commemorate each holiday season with a new personalized ornament. 
One side is printed with a personalized message from the list below or your own message.  
Other side can be printed with a photo that you supply or with "Merry Christmas 2008" 
and a name or your own personal message

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Photo Ornament - front

Ornament - Back 
with Verse #26 (from the list below)

$9.95 each


Enter VERSE Number for Back of Ornament
(from the list below)

Photo Info: You can email your PHOTO to tidaltalk@yahoo.com 
Include any special instructions with your email.


Item #

Verse / Saying

 01. FIRST CHRISTMAS in our new home  
 02. VOLUNTEERS lend a helping hand  
 03. TEACHERS plant seeds that grow forever  
 04. SWIMMERS make a splash  
 05. BOATERS make waves  
 06. SOCCER gives me a kick  
 07.  "LEFTY" and proud of it  
 08. VOLLEYBALL "serves" my purpose  
 09.  GYMNASTICS make me flip  
10. CHEERLEADERS make me jump and shout  
11. KARATE gives me a kick  
12. Class of 2008  
13. PET GROOMERS make the Fur Fly  
14. DIRT BIKERS make their own path  
15. CAR RACING revs my engine   
16. BOWLING is right up my alley  
17. SISTERS make the best friends  
18. Your friendship brightens up my life  
19. A DAUGHTER is a gift of Love  
20. MERRY CHRISTMAS (name & year)  
25. Stuck on SCRAPBOOKING  
26. DAYCARE WORKERS give free hugs  
27. BABYSITTERS love 'em while you leave 'em  
28. SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS make Special Deliveries  
29. DANCING FEET ... feel the beat  
30. NAIL TECHS add polish to life  
31. NURSES call the shots  
32. X-RAY TECHS see people in a different light  
33. SOCIAL WORKERS are compassion in action  
34. CHIROPRACTORS have well adjusted patients  
35. LAWYERS never lose their appeal  
35. POSTAL WORKERS never lose their zip  
37. REALTORS know all the best locations  
38. MASSAGE THERAPISTS rub people the right way  
39. PHYSICAL THERAPISTS put flexibility back into your life  
40. I can FIX ANYTHING with the right tools  
41. CHOCOHOLIC and proud of it  
42. It's not HOW FAR you go in life... It's WHO you walk with  
43. CAREGIVERS are Special Angels  
44. Wear cute pajamas to bed... You never know who you'll meet in your dreams!  
45. Have Patience with me... God isn't finished yet!  
46. I Love My (Grandma) person's name etc.   
48. I know God won't give me more than I can handle.. 
I just wish he didn't trust me so much!
49. World's Best MOM  
50. World's Best DAD  
51. Your Own Message  
52. Home is where the ARMY sends us!  
53. Home is where the NAVY sends us!  
54. Home is where the AIR FORCE sends us!  
55. Home is where the MARINES sends us!  
56. Home is where the COST GUARD sends us!  
57. Home is where the NATIONAL GUARD sends us!  
58. All I want for Christmas is YOU!  
59.      "name"     First Christmas   "year"  



*** These Verses can also be used to create a Photo Coffee Mug ***


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